About us

After years of working as a professional Physiotherapists, we realised that most injuries were going untreated, or were being self-treated without any professional guidance. This lead to poor recovery and in a lot of cased to permanent issues that could easily have been avoided.

We realised that although most people knew they should get treatment it was often expensive and not accessible. That's when we decided to see how we can change that through using something as simple as a phone and a box.

Using decades of experience, we created an accessible, affordable and easy to use treatment toolbox that allows anyone anywhere in the world to more accurately diagnose and treat injuries and pain than ever before. Because ultimately helping people live pain free lives is why we became Physiotherapists in the first place.

Our team

Monali Kamffer Physio In A Box

Monali Kamffer

Founder. CEO.

Received her B.Sc Physiotherapy Degree at the University of the Free State and has been a practicing physiotherapist for over a decade. She has founded 3 Physiotherapy practices in South Africa and has created Physio in a Box to make quality care affordable and accessible to all.

Cliffe Physio In A Box

Cliffe Deacon

Technical Director.

Received his B.Sc Physiotherapy Degree at the University of the Free State is currently the Physiotherapist for the Pakistan International Cricket Team. With decades of experience treating top athletes, Cliffe ensures Physio in a Box uses only the latest and most effective techniques to assist everyday people with their recovery and rehab.